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EDI offers custom rental packages for those customers who might not be ready or able to purchase a high speed camera system.  Whether it is due to short-term project needs, a limited budget or the desire to perpetually take advantage of the latest and greatest equipment on the market, we will work with you to provide the ideal cameras and accessories for your specific application.


Whether your needs are a simple handheld portable system or an ultra-high speed 1,000,000 fps system, we have a rental package that is right for you.

We will ship the system directly to you, or we also offer delivery of the rental system to your facility in order to provide on-site support, setup, and operation of the system to get you up and running more quickly.

Typical rental equipment includes:

  • High Speed Camera System Lenses

  • Tripod & Camera Mounting Hardware

  • Triggering and syncing accessories

  • Lighting and Light Stands

  • Remote Controller, Tablet or Control PC

  • Motion Analysis Software


Our Rental length is typically a 3-day, weekly, or monthly term. All equipment is shipped via UPS Next Day to arrive the following day by 10:30am.

Rentals and Consulting Services

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