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About Us

What We Do

Expert Digital Imaging is an independent distributor of high speed video camera equipment.  At EDI, we offer camera sales, rentals, and consultant services to meet all of your high speed imaging needs.

Who We Are

EDI was founded by high speed imaging expert, Matt Kearney.


Matt brings over 16 years of high speed imaging experience to Expert Digital Imaging.  Since 1999, Matt has held many sales and marketing positions throughout the high speed video camera industry, from direct line sales, to the development of worldwide highspeed video camera distribution channels.


Slow Motion Cameras In Action

Matt has also been instrumental in bringing high speed video camera technology to the broadcast television industry, starting with the development of SwingVision for CBS Sports, which utilized a custom high speed imaging system to view and analyze both golf and tennis swings, winning the 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Sports Broadcasting.  Matt was later seen on the Discovery Channel as the co-host of the popular TV series, Time Warp, where slow motion cameras were used to capture and analyze the science behind everyday events in ultra-slow motion.


Matt is a frequent guest lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s annual high speed imaging short course offered at the world renowned Edgerton Center.


Matt has had vast experience using slow motion cameras from virtually every high speed camera manufacturer, including IDT, Photron, NAC, Vision Research, Fastec Imaging, Redlake Imaging, Mikrotron, iX Cameras, PCO, Olympus and more.  His intimate knowledge of high speed imaging applications combined with his years of experience make him one of the foremost experts in the high speed imaging world. 

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