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The world’s smallest, self-contained, high performance, Hi-G camera!  


The MEMRECAM Q Series boasts a 1.3 Mega Pixel sensor and is capable of recording brilliant color images at full resolution at up to 2,000 fps. The MEMRECAM Q’s compact, rugged design, and its excellentlight sensitivity, make it ideal for the confined spaces routinely encountered in automotive crash testing environments, production facilities, microscope applications and so much more!

Q1m - 1280 x 1024 resolution - max 80,000 fps


    • The MEMRECAM Q1 Series cameras can operate as single stand alone cameras, or in a synchronized multi-camera system
    • Compact, rugged design – can withstand 150G shock for 10ms
    • Built-in Memory Backup is a standard feature (Up to 1 hour)
    • 2/3-inch format supports standard C-mount and custom Hi-G lenses
    • 62 (H) x 62 (W) x 65mm (D) , 400g.
    • Fully integratable with existing GX and HX Cameras
    • Supports simultaneous download of multiple MEMRECAM cameras
    • Power Input: 20-32 VDC
    • Power Consumption: 20W

    See the deatile spec sheet


    • Extremely Small Form Factor 
    • Excellent Light Sensitivity
    • Superioir Image Quality
    • Robust Design for Extreme environments
    • Battery Backup

    See the Detailed Spec Sheet

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