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The Edgertronic SC1 is the most afforadable high speed camera ont he market today. The SC1 boasts all of the specifications of a much higher priced camera.  With a simple and compact form factor, and an easy and intuitive workflow, the SC1 brings high speed imaging to a price point that will not break the budget.

SC1 - 1280 x 1024 resolution - max 23,892 fps


    • Global Shutter technology allows crisp exposures without rolling shutter jello effect
    • Stores captured videos in H.264 format on a removable SD card
    • Web-browser based control panel with a unified user interface across entire edgertronic product line
    • Video overlay support for frame number, text, and graphic logo
    • Field upgradeable software/firmware
    • I/Os: 10/100 Ethernet, 2 USB ports, external trigger, multi-camera genlock
    • 12 VDC Power, 2.5/5.5mm locking connector 1.5A SC1, 2.5A SC2/SC2+/SC2X
    • Type III Hard Anodize Aluminum enclosure
    • Trigger button and 4 status LEDs
    • Accepts Nikon F-mount lenses (manual and D series)
    • Built in fan
    • Size: 111x108x79 mm exclusive of lens
    • Weight: ~862 gr exclusive of lens

    • Super Affordable Price - starting at $5,495
    • Small Form Factor 
    • Simple User Interface over Web Browser
    • On-board SD Card Storage

    See the Detailed Spec Sheet

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