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EoSens 25CXP

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EoSens 25CXP

  • 1024 x 1024 resolution to 6000 fps
  • Maximum frame rate of 330000 fps
  • High Performance at a great value


Now you can inspect semiconductors, displays or plate glass with maximum efficiency and down to the last detail. With its outstanding resolution of 25 megapixels at 80 fps and high light sensitivity, the new EoSens® 25CXP is a real all-rounder.  As the fastest camera in its class, it offers informative, high-precision images especially for inspection and monitoring tasks.


  • 5,120 x 5,120 pixel resolution
  • 80 frames per second @ full resolution
  • Full-HD @ 880 fps or more than 100,000 fps with reduced resolution
  • Extremely short shutter time from 1 µs
  • 53 dB dynamic range
  • Up to 3 adjustable user sets
  • Precise triggering capability with fixed and low latency





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