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Fastec Handheld Cameras


With its small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD screen and intuitive full touchscreen menu system, the TS3 puts the power of a traditional high speed camera in the palm of your hand. TS3 is a true point-and-shoot high speed camera!
TS3 Series



With its small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD touch screen and intuitive on-screen menu system, the TS5 puts the power of both a traditional high-speed camera and long-record system into the palm of your hand. The TS5 is a true point-and-shoot high-speed camera solution.
TS5 Series


Fastec Tethered Cameras


The Fastec IL3 records ultrasharp 1280 x 1024 mono or vivid color images at over 500 frames per second, opening a world of events too fast for the human eye to see.  The IL3 can be controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on your PC/Mac or via the built-in web interface with your favorite web browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, or even your smartphone.
IL3 Series

IL3 Front_390_279_100


With its slim design and multiple recording modes, the IL5 is one of the most flexible and powerful high speed cameras on the market today. Il5 offers multiple control options including PC, Mac, and mobile WiFi devices. With an advanced streaming mode, extremely long high speed recordings are possible utilizing built-in SSD technology. The IL5 is a unique high speed camera offering at a surprisingly affordable price point.
IL5 Series



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